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  Internet Dental and Medical Practice Marketing Learn what is required to obtain and maintain a top performing website. Marketing techniques that are fiscally safe non budget busting and guaranteed internet strategies for getting your website found and attract more traffic more patients high end patients and clients successful no risk

Successful Internet Marketing

Dental Medical Internet Marketing

We serve the dental and medical communities offering internet marketing, technical and support services for Doctors, Dentists and other professionals who demand a dominating presence in search engines.

Technical and Marketing consultations focus on assuring website owners that their websites achieve desireable positions... above their competitors... in today's popular search engines. Services are also provided to maintain the internet exposure required for professional practices with specific services.

Dental and Medical Specialties

Website marketing Many medical and dental professionals enjoy (or seek to enjoy) a particular niche within their profession. As an example, the professions of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Implant Dentistry offer many areas of marketing specialization.

Our guaranteed services will help you secure the exposure you need for maintaining a particular focus within your practice.

Assistance is also provided for helping professionals obtain increased recognition on state-wide, regional or international levels.

Focused Marketing:

Some professionals experience difficulty with the predominance of a competing practice for similar services or procedures. This usually is an indication that the competitor has hired an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist. Our clients are assisted in overcoming that domination... on a permanent basis.

Website Rebuilding:

Many websites that were built just 1-2-3 years ago are now becoming under performing referral generators. This lack of performance can be attributed to as many as five different factors.
  1. Competing websites have "moved in" and now overpower previously good rankings
  2. Website still gets found regularly, but referral activity has dwindled to nothing
  3. Search engine algorithms keep changing (e.g., Google) that causes websites to "drop from sight"
  4. Website has never been found .... ever
  5. Search engine result pages containing garbage
A variety of methods exist for addressing and overcoming the factors outlined above. For help in determing which factor is affecting your website, visit the website design page at Internet Dentist website.

Yellow Page Advertising - Assessing the Need

It is becoming common knowledge that effective dental websites generate patient referrals that are substantially different from what a yellow page ad generates. People relying on the internet typically have a unique need for information that involves specialty procedures or multiple procedures and the evidence of talent.

Effective and unique Copywriting targets your prefered patient providing the precise material and stimulus that discriminating patients are looking for... which makes the phone ring.

These patient demographics are discussed in more detail at the Internet Dentist website.

Redefining - Expanding Marketing Focus

Interested in becoming the Best Dentist in your area? What IS a Best Dentist? Best Dentist Websites helps to debunk this misnomer and provides insight into how to become selected as a Best Dentist. Learn the internet marketing techniques for being selected as the Best Choice for whatever level or type of dental or medical procedures your practice should be recognized for.

Marketing and copy writing assistance is provided to those practices that have the capability of expanding their market focus from Local to Statewide, Regional and even National. Learn about the content requirements for achieving this degree of practice focus.

Develop an understanding of content requirements and differences for marketing your practice as it currently functions and the level of functioning you want your practice to eventually acquire (there is indeed a difference). Internet Dentist outlines this process in more detail.

Free Dental Marketing

Opportunities currently exist for Dentistry Professionals seeking exposure on the internet at no cost... Obtain a free listing in your choice of several specialized dental directories. Some restrictions apply. Click here for additional details and get your practice on the internet within 24 - 48 hours.

Multiple Efficient Resources - Safe - Successful

  • Fast Pentium, Linux and Apache Resources
  • Sensibly priced website hosting and storage
  • Weekend and evening technical support
  • Spam Free Email - Services to permanently stop unwanted email contact
  • Free telephone support
  • Search Engine Optimization Services that work
  • Server log software enabling analysis of the effectiveness of a website
  • Copy writing and content support services that establish and maintain website "face validity" and "content validity" - required for success on the WWW
  • Free Professional Practice consulting services: Learn successful methods for overcoming competition, irrespective of local market conditions on the internet
  • Effective copy writing that is guaranteed to produce referral activity (ask about limitations)
  • Learn What Works: We help you FOCUS resources so time and money aren't wasted needlessly
  • Fiscally SAFE - All fees are 100% refundable

Success Guaranteed

Our services are very simple and straight forward. Tell us what you want... we show you how to deliver it. Top performance in Yahoo!, AOL, Google, MSN and other popular search engines.

Dominate your geographical practice area for your favorite dental / medical procedures on the internet, regardless of the competition. Success is guaranteed or your fees are refunded.

For Doctors and Professionals who currently have an under-performing website we offer a fail-safe and cost effective method for gaining top ranking results. We also offer websites where virtually every content page achieves top performance, content specific.

Contact us to hear stories of other doctors who have wasted 10's of thousands of dollar$ on expensive websites developed by specialty website developers including TNT, Curtis Marketing and Einstein Medical ... learning instead what is "really" required to succeed.

Learn the value of "pay per click" advertising.... when to use it and when NOT to use it.

You tell us what your marketing goals are... or what you would like them to be. We will explain the activities required, on your part and ours, to achieve that goal on a permanent basis. Ask us about our references. Learn first hand from our clients of what is capable on the internet.

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